Self Breast Exam Video: Dr. Mark Sikorski

Hi I’m Doctor Mark Sikorski — Your Macomb Township Physician. I’m a board certified family physician located in Macomb Township, Michigan. And I’m here to talk to you about proper breast exams. Breast exams are always part of the gynecological exam, but frequently the individual’s not fully aware of when and how to perform a complete and thorough breast exam.

The American Cancer Society recommends that the breast exam, a self breast exam, be done monthly. And an annual breast exam be done on a yearly basis. By your physician or health care provider. Now the timing of the month is important. Certain hormones can influence the breast tissue, and obscure, and possibly hide negative findings.

So the best time for a breast exam per the American Cancer Society, seven days after your period begins. I advise my patients to do their breast exam about the time their period ends.

Now the first part of the exam is done in front of a well lit mirror. Watching how the breast tissue moves. Watching with the arms up in the air and the hands on the hips bending over. We’re looking for any dimpling or skin retractions. Now I compare dimples or skin retractions to that of a lemon peel. If you bend over, seeing areas start to pucker up like an orange would look, that could be a sign that there’s a cyst or tumor in the area.

Make sure there’s no discharge from either nipple. And then in the bath or shower, perform a self breast exam with the arm up in the air, these three fingers compressing the breast tissue, Pinch and roll. Pinch and roll. Now, you can go circular, side by side, up or down, whatever way you’d like to do.

But, do it the same way every time. You want to take it one step further when you go to bed that evening, prop a pillow up between your shoulders. Head above your hand and the pillow, and again educate your fingers as to what’s normal. And this is again credibly important because it’s reported that one in eight women will die of breast cancer in their lifetime.

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Self Breast Exam Video: Dr. Mark Sikorski

Dr. Mark Sikorski