Mark Sikorski, DO:  E-Cigarettes Vs Cigarettes

Hi I’m Doctor Mark Sikorski. Did you know that e-cigarettes decrease the risk of cancer than those who smoke regular cigarettes? This study showed that those individuals who switched from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement treatment such as the gum or patches had a much lower level of toxins in their saliva and urine that those who continue to smoke. These are cancer producing toxins.

Now a study did show that a person must have completely quit all regular tobacco products to gain this advantage Now e-cigarettes are those that use liquid nicotine that’s heated into a vapor that’s inhaled. That industry has grown tremendously. Right now, estimates for e-cigarettes is that it’s an $8 billion a year industry right now.

It’s much greater than that of nicotine replacement treatments. Which are estimated at $2 billion. Both are highly eclipsed by industry and tobacco products, which are estimated to be $700 billion each year. Now, the World Health Organization has recognized tobacco as the world’s biggest preventable killer. Death totals right now are estimated at six million deaths a year from tobacco.

The studies show that it should be one billion by the century end, that people have died from cigarette abuse. Now some question the use of e-cigarettes as being a gateway to using regular Cigarettes and their recommendations are to increase taxes on it to try and avoid that. But I think right now the facts are obvious. That the switch can significantly reduce the harmful toxins and carcinogens. But you gotta start now. My best advice for you, the best thing that you can do Is to quit smoking now, completely and forever.

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Thank you.

Dr. Mark Sikorski
Macomb Township, Michigan